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Double Sided Keyed Deadbolts

During a recent home inspection, I discovered a deadbolt installed at the front door which was keyed on the outside and the inside.  You may think that this type of deadbolt provides an extra layer of security, but this situation creates an egress issue during an emergency situation.

double sided deadbolt

The danger in this type of deadbolt is that if you need to quickly evacuate your house, you may be locked inside your own house.  Emergency situations include a fire, burgler, extreme weather event, etc.  You should be able to open all doors to the exterior without any special knowledge or the use of a key or tool.

To correct a double sided keyed deadbolt, a new deadbolt should be installed that is only keyed on the outside.  Leaving the key in the lock is not an acceptable solution, because the key will eventually be removed for one reason or another.  If you are worried about an intruder breaking a nearby window to gain access to the lock, you can install decorative metal grills over the window as a deterrent.

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Doors (Interior and Exterior)

Garage Entry Door to House

This article is about the pedestrian door between the garage and the house, not the garage door that you drive your car through.

When an attached garage is present, there are a few things I look for when doing an inspection.  One of them is the entryway between the garage and the house.  Since dangerous fumes are produced by your vehicle’s exhaust, there should never be a door from the garage directly into sleeping rooms or bedrooms.  Carbon monoxide from your vehicle’s exhaust can be deadly.  To prevent fumes from entering the residence, a self closing device should be installed on the door which will automatically close the door after you have walked through.  The door should seal tightly and be weather proofed, and no “doggie doors” should be installed.  There should also be a minimum of 6 inches step-up between the garage and the living area of the house.  This is to help prevent dangerous fumes which gather near the floor from entering the house.

The chances that a fire starts in the garage are higher than any other area of your house.  For this reason, the door must be fireproofed.  This is accomplished by using a solid wood door that is a minimum of 1 3/8″ thick, a solid or honeycomb core steel door that is a minimum of 1 3/8″ thick, or a door labeled for 20 minute fire protection.


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