Static Water Pressure

The water supply to your house is one of the many items checked by Blue Star Real Estate Inspection Services.  Static water pressure is a measurement of the amount of pressure that is supplied to your water system when no plumbing items are in use.  It is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

If your water pressure is too low, you will have to deal with issues such as low water flow in your shower, sinks, or other fixtures.  There is also a greater possibility of contamination of the water supply due to back siphoning.  See this article on Anti-Siphon Devices and this article on Dishwasher Backflow Prevention for more information related to back siphoning.

If your water pressure is too high, you run the risk of damage to fixtures, piping, water heating equipment, or appliances can occur.  When testing static water pressure, I use a gauge to ensure that the water pressure is within the acceptable range of 40 – 80 PSI.

Water Pressure Guage
This is the pressure gauge that I use for measuring static water pressure. 

One thing to keep in mind is that if the static water pressure measures at over 80 PSI, your water heater must be equipped with an expansion tank.  If desired, a pressure reducing valve can be installed at the water supply which can regulate the water pressure to an acceptable level.

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