“Grid” Type Dryer Exhaust Vent Cover

A common type of dryer exhaust vent cover that I see is what I call the “Grid” type of cover.  While these are very good at keeping rodents and pests out of your dryer exhaust, there is one main problem associated with this type of cover.

Grid type cover
“Grid” type dryer exhaust vent cover

The problem with these type of covers is that lint from the dryer exhaust easily accumulates on the grids creating a fire hazard.  After just a few uses, the lint from the dryer will build up in the square spaces, and quickly fill them in leaving nowhere for the hot exhaust from the dryer to go.  Another consequence of a blocked dryer exhaust is that it will take much longer for your clothes to dry which can have a significant effect on your electricity bill.

louvered dryer vent
A louvered dryer exhaust vent cover

The preferred type of vent cover is a louver type.  This type of cover is equipped with thin slats that are attached at one end while the other end is free to move.  The louver is able to close when no exhaust is pushing on it, and open when the dryer is on to allow the hot air to escape.

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