Open Breaker Slot in Service Panel

Occasionally, I run in to open breaker slots in the service panel.  This deficiency is a safety hazard that can cause serious injury or death.  As a homeowner, you should have open breaker slots repaired by a licensed electrical contractor as soon as possible.  Do not attempt to make the repairs yourself.

Usually open breaker slots are the remnants of do-it-yourself home repairs.  The danger in open breaker slots is that there is no protection against incidental contact with live electrical conductors or wires within the panel.

Open Breaker Slot
The picture above shows an open breaker slot.

Another problem with missing breaker slot covers is that animals like lizards, snakes, and mice can enter the panel.  When animals enter the panel, they are usually electrocuted, and their presence can cause arcing which can lead to fires.

A metal insert plate should be placed in the open slot where the breaker has been removed.  The insert plate should be from the same manufacturer as the panel itself.

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